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Cavity Wall Insulation by 360 Insulations

360 Insulations provides cavity wall insulation by EcoBead Ltd, based in Askeaton in County Limerick. EcoBead is a high performance, injected, blown bead insulation system that has a proven track record in commercial, domestic and industrial cavity wall constructions.

It is incredibly fast to install with no waste, making it suitable for new builds as well as improving the thermal value of existing structures.

• Heat loss reduced by up to 35%
• Improves the comfort of your home
• Quick and clean to install
• Installation can be carried out and finished same-day
• Eliminates sources of condensation
• Full fill guaranteed every time
• Fully guaranteed for 10 years by EcoBead once installed

The Platinum EPS beads are injected in to the wall using a specially designed adhesive forming a solid mass inside the cavity. The flow of the beads coupled with the products lightness enables it to conform precisely to every fissure.

Every bead has a single point of contact with each of the beads surrounding it, thus allowing the cavity to maintain a natural airflow to breath and let any penetrating moisture to drain away immediately. EcoBead is unaffected by flood water breach.

Insulation Value
The thermal insulation value of EcoBead will remain effective for the life of the building. It will not crack or settle, is dimensionally stable and chemically inert. It is resistant to attack from bacteria, mould, funghi and will not provide any nutrient value to insects or vermin. It also has the benefit of being non-toxic and non-irritant.

U-values achieved in standard wall construction
Cavity Width U-value on W/m2k
50mm 0.51
75mm 0.38
100mm 0.29
105mm 0.27
150mm 0.21
200mm 0.16

For more information
Call us today on 1800 321 360 to find out more on EcoBead Platinum cavity wall insulation.

Part funded by Offaly County Enterprise Board, National Development Plan and European Union Structural Funds
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