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360 Insulations is an agent for the Irish Midlands for the following companies and their products:

Aerobord traces its roots back to 1935 with the foundation of Southern Chemicals to produce hydrated Lime for the building industry.
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The Ecobead Insulation system is a combination of high performance insulated beads locked into tightly packed honeycomb matrix with a water based adhesive.
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Knauf Insulation
Knauf has been serving the Irish market since 1991 supplying a comprehensive range of drywall systems and a superior level of technical support and design assistance.
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NSAI Agrement
The Irish Agrément Board (IAB) assesses, specifies testing, and where appropriate, issues Agrément certificates for new building materials, products and processes that do not yet have a long history of use and for which published national standards do not yet exist.
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Stone wool is a wholly natural material spun into wool from rock. Rockwool stone wool is a natural material formed from one of the earth's most abundant materials - volcanic diabase rock over 200 million years old.
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Part funded by Offaly County Enterprise Board, National Development Plan and European Union Structural Funds
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